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Sunday, February 2nd, 2014
11:59 pm
I've been taking Topamax for 2 months now for migraines. I am currently on 75mg, and will dose up to 100mg in 2 weeks for my final dosage. Since I started taking Topamax, whenever a drink a soft drink, I can no longer feel the carbonation in the drink. Everything tastes completely flat. It seems quite bizarre. Has anyone else experienced this before? Well the feeling come back eventually? I am quite bummed about it, and I'm hoping soft drinks and beer aren't ruined forever.
Tuesday, February 5th, 2013
6:33 am
Error in post below
That should be 50 mg twice a day. I split those now, taking 25 AM and 25 PM.
6:22 am
Does anyone else just feel WEIRD on this drug? Kind of loopy? I was taking 50 mg per day and started splitting them. Still feel weird. I woke up in the middle of the night last night and had a panic attack. Felt very strange. Besides the whole--fingers and lips tingling--thing, I just felt like a balloon head and sort of disoriented.
I have some trouble focusing. I'm on it for migraines and weight loss, since I'm pre-diabetic. My migraines aren't debilitating, though. It does help with my appetite, but I'm almost ready to give up.
Friday, February 4th, 2011
8:46 pm
pill splitting
Quick question! I was taking 50 mg of topamax and I need to go up to 75, my psych told me that it doesn''t come in 75mg tablets, and told me to take one 50mg tablet and split half of another one. I got my prescription told and I asked the pharmacist if I could split them and she said yes, However, when I took my medicine today, I noticed that the 50mg tablet does not have a score mark, and I always thought that you could only split them if the pill has the score mark. I tried to splitting it anyway with a pill cutter but it came out kind of uneven. I was wondering if any of you guys split your pills like that and it's okay? Does the topamax still effective? Thanks!
Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
6:37 pm
memory loss
I took Topamax a year ago for bulimia at 150mg. When my insurance stopped covering it, I stopped taking it. I experienced a lot of memory problems while I was taking it and it never got better after I got off it. Well, I relapsed again, and after trying other ways to recover, I'm once again taking topamax a year later. I'm on 50 mg. I'm really worried though, because I feel like my memory is getting worse and I don't want it to stay this way, it's already bad enough. So my question, for those of you who experienced memory loss on Topamax, did your memory go back the way it was after you stopped it?
Thursday, September 24th, 2009
4:58 pm
question about topamax
im have been on topamax for about 7 or 8 months, been on 100mg for about 3 months of that and about a week of that on 150mg has anyone ever heard or had topamax having the side effect of making you miss your period?
Thursday, May 7th, 2009
2:57 pm
Topamax and depo-provera

Im wondering, Im on the shot depo provera which is a birthcontrole shot. I got shot early last april and today I ahve to start taking Topamax again for my migrine, I start at 25mg a day and then after 3 weeks I start taking 50mg a day.

But my question is this, has anyone here had any exspirience with those two medications at the same time:

Topamax and Depo-provera....

Ive heard 3 different things about them such as:

1. That they do not effect each other
2. Topamax affects the effectiveness of the borth controle
3. Topamax can make the hormones in Depo provera go crazy and as a result I could gain weight

Im scared shitless of gaining weight, and if thats the case i´ll rather wait untill depo provera stops working to start the Topamax..


Sunday, March 8th, 2009
8:10 pm
Has anyone ever drank vodka while on topamax and have you been okay?  I've been on topamax 125 mg for 6 months for binge eating disorder, but for spring break I'm going to visit some friends. and we are going to a lot of parties so I was wondering if it would be alright for me to drink? Whenever I have drank in the past, I usually just drink around 3-4 shots of vodka..not that much...
Friday, October 10th, 2008
12:09 pm
I've been on Cymbalta as a migraine preventive for a couple years now, and started taking Topamax about ten weeks ago, 25mg for the first two weeks, 50mg ever since.

Has anyone else new to Topamax noticed a drop in their endurance? Last weekend I was on a campout with my son, and was unusually winded after relatively small amounts of exertion, like 2/3 up the climbing wall, or only a minute or two of pedaling the pedal-boat out on the lake.

Current Mood: tired
Monday, September 29th, 2008
10:13 pm
blurry vision
I've been on topamax for a month now, I started out on 25 mg, since last week, I've been on 50 mg. Since Saturday, whenever I wake up in the middle night my vision is blurred but only if the room is dark or dimly lit, my vision is fine when the room is brightly lit. Today, I called my psych about it and she told me the blurry vision is a common side effect and not to worry about it, so I was just wondering if anyone ever experienced any blurry vision? I'm still kind of worried about it....
Monday, October 27th, 2008
10:03 pm
New found problem..and I need answers..fast.
I am 50mg of topamax a day. i have been on it for two months now.  What I need to know is can I take cold medicine while on topamax? I can't find my handout? and I keep getting mixed answers on the internet. 
I have a brutal cold and need some help here. =/ thanks.
Monday, September 8th, 2008
11:54 pm
Hi, I've just started taking topamax this week and I'm on 25 mg so far. I was just wondering how much water I should drink? I usually drink  6 bottles of water (around 100 oz.), I've been drinking 7 bottles, should I drink more???
Sunday, October 5th, 2008
8:11 am
New to topamax..and thankful for this site. =]
Hey my name is Robin and I am 19 years old. I started taking topamax about a 20 days ago. I have high blood pressure which causes me to have servere migraines I started out taking 25 mg a day , and now  I am only taking 50mg a day. But I have noticed quite a few sideffects.

-tingling in bottom of both of my feet
-all soda's taste flat
-cheese(which i love) is now nasty
-a weird taste in my mouth that I can't put a name too
-i sometimes feel very distant..almost a drunk feeling..
-I am very forgetful
-and tend to get very moody..one minute I am happy go lucky and the next I am a total monster..

I know that one of the side affects of topamax is missed period. But in the 20 days that I have been on topamax, 17 out of those 20 days, I have had my period.  Serverely, and it isn't showing any signs of going away. Is this a normal side affect or is there something I should be concerend about?
...are any of these normal..I have read about some of them, but they all seem kinda weird to me.

-thanks much Robn
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008
8:39 am
Hi, I’m new here (just joined today).

My doctor put me on Topamax for a few reasons…I’ve started getting migranes, I’m bi-polar, and I have a weight issue (I’m 5’4” and weigh in at 217). Well, I did weigh in at 217, That was 2 Thursdays ago, last Thursday I came in at 212. So about 5 pounds in a week, which I guess is mostly water weight.

I think my biggest issue is the appetite suppressant factor. I’m never hungry anymore. I try to force myself to eat but after just a little bit of the food I try, I can’t finish it, I think I’ll be sick. I really want to put calories in my body but it’s as if my body is saying DO NOT WANT. I think yesterday I had a total of 700 calories. I know this is bad. Any suggestions?

Add to the fact that I’m getting the pins and needles (not so bad) and losing my words and concentration (I did that before but it’s noticeably worse, even here at work)…I’m wondering if I should even continue this or just push past. I know some have it much worse and I shouldn’t complain…will it get better?
Tuesday, April 15th, 2008
3:01 am
Hello everyone! I just started taking Topamax a week ago for my migraines. Sometimes I get three a week or I can go a month without one. I usually have a headache every day though. I was taking Maxalt, but it just wasn't doing the trick. I couldn't normally catch the migraine in time and it doesn't ever help it go away. The only thing I can do is sleep in a very dark room with no noise (which is very difficult in an apartment, mind you). Anyway, I am starting at 25mg, moving up to 50mg and seeing how it goes from there. I have the pin and needle feelings in my feet already. I was starting to notice difficulty in finding the right words or remembering people's names before I started taking this (which I discussed with my doctor), and I don't think it has gotten any better or worse since I started taking it.

I read about the study on scars using 15-30mg and I'm interested to see if this holds true. I have pretty bad acne scarring on my face and of course I would be ecstatic if something that helped my migraines helped that as well. Anyone notice anything with that?

I have also had abdominal cramping...and I don't know if that's because I was visiting a foreign country or because of the medicine. I guess we'll wait it out and see!

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008
9:35 pm
epileptic treatment
Hi there,
I'm also new to both the community and to Topamax.

In the fall I had started getting nighttime shakes in my shoulder and daytime shivers (later were officially diagnosed as seizures without a known cause) that progressed until I had one so bad that one night I had a more violent seizure that managed to dislocated my shoulder that usually shakes.
Since then I've seen a neurologist, had a 48 hour at-home EEG and an MRI (which didn't show anything that could be the cause). My daytime seizures have gotten longer and harder to deal with and I have had two of those really bad nighttime ones in the past week.

Before my EEG my neurologist wasn't convinced that I was having real seizures, but after we got several on record she admitted I needed to be put on medication for them so my life could go back to normal.
She had a list of potential medications and Topamax was one that she has seen lots of good things from her other patients. I started last night, 25 mg for a week, adding 25 every week after that until I get to 100 mg.

I'm wondering if anyone here has had similar symptoms and has had a good experience with this drug?
I'm also wondering how long usually it takes to start to really see a difference, because it was especially discouraging that I had one of my worst seizures the night I started :l.

Current Mood: hopeful
Monday, February 18th, 2008
12:52 pm

Hello, I am new here and have already posted this somewhere else. (dont know where....oops. Shows how backasswards I am) I Started taking Topamx on the 14th. I am currently taking 25mg and working my way up to 100mg within a months time. I am on it for migraines.  I am confused feeling, feel like I cant speek or hold a conversation correctly, spell, walk...anything! It seems the worst when Im at work. I guess thats when Im the most worried about it. I go through phases where I feel like Ive been up for a week on speed ( I got over that phase in my life and really dont want to relive it.) Is there any relief? Does this go away? I am only taking 25mg I am worried about what 100mg or even 50 is going to do to me.....Any advice out there????????

Lost In Texas

Current Mood: confused
Wednesday, February 6th, 2008
9:16 pm
new here
Greetings all.

I am both new to this group and new to Topamax.

I got a prescription yesterday, and after wrangling with my insurance company for "preauthorization" blahblahblah...

I took my first dose tonight. About ten minutes ago as I read this group, in fact :)

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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008
10:23 am
New to Topamax
Hello Everyone.
My crazymed doctor recently added the big T to my Lexapro/Adderall psych cocktail. I am finally winning my twenty year struggle with clinical depression and I'm curious exactly what this latest addition will add to the mix, as I understand that it may curb the side effects of my Lexapro which has otherwise been amazing for me. Has anyone else been prescribed Topamax specifically to counteract side effects of another medication? I was initially wary of this, but Topamax has so far responded okay with my body, so I'll try it.

Current Mood: curious
Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008
5:37 pm
birth control
I was just prescribed Topamax today for anxiety & weight loss. It is the 50mg daily dose, and I read on the drug info that it can interfere w/ the effectiveness of hormonal/oral contraceptives. I get the depo-provera shot, and was wondering if any of you take depo & topamax and if it's remained effective? I'd get a tubal if "law" would let me, but I'm 24 and haven't had kids, so unfortunately, depo is my only option...lol. Thanks :)
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